Why MOT’s are so Important

Posted by on Dec 5, 2019 in News

Why MOT’s are so Important

Since 1960, vehicles across the United Kingdom have been required to undertake the Ministry of Transport Test. There have been many different changes since the introduction of the MOT and today it has been become a real necessity. Whilst it may seem stressful when your car has to go in for its MOT, it highly depends on it. In this blog we are going to be talking about why this test is so important.

Road Safety

The MOT Test was originally introduced in order to reduce the amount of annual car crashes which was at a worrying high. A large number of these crashes were due to under-performing cars that had not been well maintained by their owners. Bringing in this test would ensure cars are only allowed to be on the road if they have passed certain checks.

Legal Requirement

No matter how inconvenient the test could seem, without an up-to-date MOT certificate you will not be able to renew your road tax. This means that you will be unable to drive your vehicle on the road legally. If you choose to drive a vehicle that hasn’t passed its MOT and are involved in a crash, then your insurance company will invalidate your insurance. This means you will be responsible for paying for both yours and the other person’s repairs. If you are caught driving a vehicle without an MOT you can end up with a £1000 fine.

Vehicle Repairs

If you want to get as many years out of your vehicle as possible, the MOT test will help greatly. Having your car checked in this way can uncover faults which you may not have noticed. Finding these faults will contribute to extending your vehicle’s life span.

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