Our Tips for Taking your Theory Test

Posted by on Jun 26, 2019 in News

Our Tips for Taking your Theory Test

Last year we offered some of our top tips for passing your driving test but of course, there is one thing which you must pass before you get to that stage… your theory test! Opinions vary on whether practical or theory is more difficult but whichever way you see it, you’ve got to pass the latter in order to progress. In this blog we are going to be pointing out some great tips for passing your theory test!


When it comes to maximising your chance of passing your theory, revision really is everything. You need to be confident answering any of the questions in the DSA Theory Test Handbook, which contains around 1000 possible test questions! You can find mock tests on the internet which are a great help and the DVLA app is brilliant for practicing too. It’s also highly beneficial to practice answering questions under pressure, so ask a friend to quiz you whilst under a time limit. You’ll need to brush up on hazard perception to make sure that part of the test doesn’t get the better of you.


It’s great to be focused on what you need in order to pass your test, but it is vital that you remember the essentials required to sit it. You’ll have to make sure you have your provisional licence otherwise you simply won’t be able to take part. Also be sure to remember your credit or debit card, as you’ll need to pay for your test. On the day, you should be at the test centre 30 minutes before the start of your test.

Time management

Using your time wisely is key to doing well with your test. You get 15 minutes beforehand to get used to everything so you should take advantage of this and raise any concerns you have. You’ll then get a three minute break between the first and second part of your test. Be sure to use this time to take a breather and focus yourself for the next stage of the test.

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