Tyre Safety Month

Posted by on Nov 3, 2020 in News

Tyre Safety Month

October is Tyre Safety Month and this year’s campaign focuses on if your tyres are ready for ACTion, Air Pressure, Condition, Tread. Although it may not seem crucial for your tyres to be checked they need testing at least once every month and before long journeys. In this blog we discuss the 3 main areas you need to assess…

Air Pressure

The air inside your tyre creates pressure, the less air there is in the tyre the more rubber contact with the road which can cause your tyres to be worn down. To get your pressure checked you need an accurate tyre pressure gauge. From there you can see if the air is an acceptable level or if more air is needed.

If you are unsure you can contact the Off Rhodes Garage and we will gladly help.


With uneven road conditions comes tyre damage, some that you might not spot until it’s too late… Lumps and bulges in your tyre may indicate internal damage which if not treated could cause catastrophic damage. If you feel your tyres have deteriorated, it’s always best to talk to a professional who can assess your tyres to ensure they are totally safe.

Tread Depth

The minimum legal limit of Tread Depth is 1.6mm which in simpler terms can be tested with a 20p. If your tread is under the legal limit it could mean your car struggles to grip the road and one wrong move could result in an accident. This is one of the most crucial checks and can make a huge difference in various weather conditions.

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