Why it is important to get your tyres checked during winter

Why it is important to get your tyres checked during winter

Posted by on Jan 31, 2018 in News

Why it is important to get your tyres checked during winter

We’re right in the middle of a cold winter and the weather conditions have been particularly bad recently. Because of the extreme weather, we all know how bad the roads have been; icy, slushy and dangerous to drive on. In this blog we are going to explain why it is incredibly important that you get your tyres checked during these winter months.

Tread depth

The AA website states that the recommended tread depth at winter is at least 3mm and certainly no less than 2mm, but with the icy road conditions your tread can be dramatically decreased. Throughout the year your tyres do get worn but especially during the winter, they can go through a lot of wear and tear. This of course means the tread can end up being affected. Low tread depth can be a real danger to both you and anyone else on the road. The reason for tread on your tyres is to increase the traction of the tyre to the road. This makes you able to bring your car to a sudden stop easily. As you can imagine, low tread depth compromises this grip and creates a large risk, even more so when it’s icy. Whether there is someone in the road or a car breaking in front of you, it is essential that your tyres are in the right state to help your car stop in its tracks. Here at Off Rhodes Garage we offer a full tyre check which includes Tread Depth, if your tyres are worn we also offer a replacement service to make sure you are safe on the roads.

Tyre pressure

The pressure of your tyres is really something that you should be getting checked regularly throughout the year. Although, when winter is here, the road conditions do make it an even more important check that should definitely be carried out. When it’s cold, the air in your tyres can be caused to fluctuate. This makes the tyres flatter, which can be extremely dangerous when driving and can cause damage to the wheels themselves. Did you know, the air pressure of most car’s tyres decreases by between 1 and 2 pounds every month. While it is of huge importance that your car is always fully safe when on the road, let’s face it, no one wants to have to spend money on getting damage repaired that could’ve been easily avoided with just a quick trip to visit us. We can complete a tyre pressure check adhering to car specifications and making sure your car is road safe.

Here at Off Rhodes Garage we offer full tyre checks as well as MOT’s and other essential services. For more information and to book your tyre check, please call 01748 811500.