Car Predictions for the Future

Posted by on Mar 25, 2020 in News

Car Predictions for the Future

Over the years we have seen cars evolve and become something that we could only dream of in previous decades. In 2020 we have cars that talk to you, cars that can perform emergency stops automatically and cars with all the tools included in a modern-day smart phone. Whilst these advancements may seem amazing to some, the coming decades are sure to see some unimaginable changes. In this blog we are looking at some of the biggest predictions for cars in the future.

Battery Powered Cars

Whilst electric and battery powered cars are very much a reality in the modern day, they are still outnumbered by the number of vehicles powered by fuel. Cities such as Bristol have already made plans to ban diesel vehicles and the coming years could see similar laws in place around the world. This could lead to a slow move towards a society in which most people, if not everyone, will drive battery powered cars.

Self-Driving Cars

It has been predicted that self-driving cars will make up around 14 percent of all car production around the world by the year 2040. These cars are very likely to be much more expensive than other cars so you will probably see the richer members of society relaxing in their driverless vehicles. Insurance is also forecasted to be incredibly expensive for the owners of self-driving cars.

More Safety Regulations

One thing that is certain is that over the next few years more safety regulations will be introduced for cars. There is always the possibility that tests such as the MOT will be made more frequent and laws will be stricter to improve safety on the roads. This will no doubt mean that there is more demand for car servicing and repairs.

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