Clearing your car over the Coming Chilly Months

Posted by on Oct 30, 2019 in News

Clearing your car over the Coming Chilly Months

Over the next few months the weather will be taking that annual chilly turn, meaning plenty of disruption for drivers around the country. With ice on the roads and snow falling from above, those weekday mornings can be quite stressful. One huge part of the stress is clearing the snow and ice from your car but don’t worry, there are some great ways to make life easier. In this blog we are going to be talking about our top tips for clearing your car over the coming chilly months!


It may sound simple but planning really is so important when it comes to ensuring your car is road ready in plenty of time. Set your alarms early and get out there in the cold to enable you to deal with the weather no matter how extreme it is. We would suggest always doing a routine check of the weather forecast the night before; that way you can create the perfect morning plan.


It is always vital that you use the correct equipment when it comes to clearing your car effectively. You should buy an actual snow brush to use when doing any manual snow/ice clearing. It is well known that shovels and other general use brushes can cause damage and scratches to your vehicle. To save you time as you scrape the ice off your car, a commercial-grade de-icing spray is a perfect option.

Start from the top.

When you clear the snow from your car, it often can end up quite tricky if not done in the correct way. You should start by clearing the snow from the roof and work your way down. Clearing the top part of the car later could completely undo the work you did on the bottom half of the car. Effectively removing snow from your car is important as it can actually be a criminal offence if you are judged to be causing danger to other cars on the road.

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