Why is it so important to have your car’s oil changed

Posted by on Apr 9, 2018 in News

Why is it so important to have your car’s oil changed

Some people may not be in the habit of having their vehicle’s oil changed regularly, but it really is an essential change that needs to be made! In this blog we are going to be telling you why exactly you should be changing your oil frequently.

A primary reason for frequent oil changing being important, is for lubrication purposes. Under the bonnet of your car, is a huge amount of components that are constantly moving about when your vehicle is on the road. Without oil lubrication, these parts can be caused to heat up and wear down your car’s engine. When your engine isn’t lubricated enough, it can also create a large amount of friction, which increases the risk of your engine overheating.

Did you know… when your engine isn’t kept clean, dirt particles can appear, and these particles can be deadly to your engines longevity. Over time oil can also turn to sludge, which is why It’s is key to keep your engine clean preventing both dirt and sludge from reducing its life span.

Making it part of your routine to fill your engine with new oil, can also increase its mileage over time by 1-2%. This may not seem like a huge amount of change but it’s going to save you an extremely large sum of money over the years.

Given the various benefits that we have discussed above, you can see the importance of having your car’s oil changed regularly. Here at Off Rhodes Garage, we are experts in car servicing and have years of experience in oil changing. We can offer great advice on your oil, along with various other considerable factors related to your vehicle.

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