Our Tips for Passing your Driving Test

Posted by on Dec 19, 2018 in News

Our Tips for Passing your Driving Test

When you are approaching your driving test, it is completely normal to feel nervous with the many areas that you need to have perfected. Whilst any good driving instructor will give you all the best tips to pass your test, there are a few not so obvious ones that they may not have mentioned. Here at Off Rhodes Garage we are have years of experience and knowledge when it comes to driving and also driving tests. In This blog we will be taking you through some of our tips which could help you on your way to passing your test!


Check your Mirrors

Even though checking your car mirrors is something that you should and will always do, examiners will always place an extra focus on ensuring you are doing this. The best way to make sure you can’t be failed on this is to turn your head when checking mirrors, to make it obvious that you are doing so. If you simply move your eyes, the examiner could assume that you haven’t looked!

Revise your Car Parts

At the start of your test, you will likely be quizzed on the parts in your car. This could include having to know where break fluid is, being able to name exactly what the parts under your car are called and being able to find specific parts with ease. You should put a lot of revision in when it comes to the parts of your car so that you can confidently answer these questions and pass this part of the test with flying colours!

Practice using a sat nav

This is a brand-new part of driving tests but one which it is vital to know about. You may be asked to demonstrate correct use of the sat nav whilst driving on your test. This could seem simple but without much experience it could prove incredibly difficult. We would suggest making it a habit to use a sat nav as much as possible in the run up to your test, even if you do know where you are going.


By following these few tips, you can hugely increase your chances of passing your driving test. For more information on passing your test and how Off Rhodes Garage can help you once you have, call us on 01748 811500 or visit www.offrhodesgarage.co.uk