Prepare for Winter Driving

Posted by on Nov 22, 2018 in News

Prepare for Winter Driving

As the temperature drops and the roads become foggy, we are being reminded on a daily basis that Winter is creeping upon us. Driving during the Winter period can be stressful at times and actually quite dangerous in some cases. At Off Rhodes Garage we have all the expertise required to advise you on how to best prepare for the next few chilly months. In this blog we will be offering our top tips for driving in Winter.

Morning Essentials

On a morning during the Winter, conditions can be a real stress and can cause you to be late in arriving at your destination. To avoid being late for work or wherever you may be travelling, there are a number of different things that you should always carry in your vehicle. The first essential items for your car are an ice scraper and de-icer. This will mean that ice on your windscreen will never get the better of you! It’s also a good idea to carry a shovel so that if your car is stuck in snow, you’ll be able to have it out in no time.

In Case of Emergency

Nobody wants to think about being stuck out on the roads during Winter but you should always prepare for what could happen in a worst-case scenario. You can be best prepared by ensuring certain extras are kept in your car. Firstly, you should keep a number of snacks such as chocolate or cereal bars to ensure your energy levels don’t drop. It’s also a great idea to keep a blanket or sleeping bag in your boot, as a car can become an incredibly cold place to be for a long period of time.

A trusted Garage

When the weather is extreme and roads are more dangerous than ever, it is vital that you always have a trusted garage on hand to be at your rescue in case of any needed repair work. For instance, if you’re experiencing faults with your breaking system, it could pose a huge risk. Bringing your car to a halt is always difficult when the roads are icy, so any fault in breaking could have consequences. With any issues at all with your car, you should cover yourself by having a car garage who you can rely on. Here at Off Rhodes Garage, we can offer the year-round repair service which you need to preserve your peace of mind.


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