Signs that a Pothole has Damaged your Car

Posted by on May 3, 2019 in News

Signs that a Pothole has Damaged your Car

When you’re driving and you realise you have hit a pothole it can be both frustrating and worrying. It could be that your car has gotten off lightly without any causes for concern, but it is often difficult to identify if damage has occurred. In this blog we are going to be talking you though the signs you should look for and how to know if there has been any damage caused to your vehicle.

Loss of control

If you have noticed a significant loss of control in the days after hitting a pothole it is a clear indication that something is not right. Signs which suggest this include swaying when making routine turns or bouncing excessively on rough roads. This tends to suggest your car’s steering and suspension have been damaged. These two things are key to your car being safe on the road so it is vital that you take quick action if this is the case.

Wheel Alignment

If your car is struggling to simply drive in a straight line and instead pulling in one direction, this could suggest an alignment problem which has been caused by hitting a pothole.  Uneven tyre wear is also another symptom of this kind of issue. Without proper wheel alignment the lifespan of your tyres can be reduced and safe handling can also be compromised.

Other Tyre Issues

There are a wide range of other tyre issues which are big signs that your encounter with a pothole has left it’s mark. These include Low tyre pressure, bulges or blisters on the sidewalls, or dents in the wheel rim. These are all things which are easily visible. If you notice any of these signs, you should have your tyres checked before any damage worsens.

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