The Top 3 Causes Of Breakdowns

Posted by on Mar 1, 2018 in News

The Top 3 Causes Of Breakdowns

No one wants to experience a breakdown, but in many cases there are ways you can prepare. In this blog we are going to be looking over the top 3 most common reasons for breaking down and how you can prevent them.

Flat or Faulty Battery

This is one of the main reasons for breakdowns but with a simple check it can be easily prevented. Battery faults can happen out of the blue, a large reason for faults is the weather conditions, which is why you are more prone to experience battery problems in Winter. For an easy prevention, make sure your battery is checked regularly. Here at Off Rhodes, we offer a full service including battery checks. We will look at the overall wear and tear of the battery, test connection and of course advise on any faults we feel might occur.

Damaged Tyres

Britain’s roads have been voted some of the worst in the world for potholes, so it’s no surprise that your tyres get damaged from time to time. Once your tyres have been damaged there is no alternative than to replace them which in some cases can be very costly. A main way you can prevent the deterioration of tyres is to complete regular audits. Your first step is to check the tread depth, if you are unsure pop into our garage and we will walk you through the tyre checks. If you encounter any damage even if it’s small, it’s crucial to have a professional take a look to assess the harm. Our helpful team will provide a full damage report, getting you back on the road safely in no time.

Distributor Cap Faults

The Distributor Cap’s main job is to pass the voltage from the ignition to the engine, essentially making your car start. If this gets damaged at anytime it means your car will struggle to start or simply not start at all. If this happens here at Off Rhodes we have the tools to fix the problem quickly and cost effectively. Meaning you are not left without your car for long.

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