Our Tips for Driving on Country Roads

Posted by on Oct 3, 2018 in News

Our Tips for Driving on Country Roads

Being based in North Yorkshire, we are more than used to driving on country roads and are well aware of the difficulties they can pose new drivers. They actually account for over half of the UK’s total road length, so it is important to know all the best tips for when taking a trip though the countryside. In this blog we are going to offer some great tips for driving on country roads!



You should always maintain a high level of awareness when driving at any time but with the surprises that country roads can throw up, you should channel an extra level of awareness so that you can be extra safe. This includes taking care of your speed, so that you can break quickly in case of animals in the road. It is also a good idea to also use your car horn when navigating blind corners. This will ensure you can make your presence known to any other drivers or pedestrians.

Fill Your Tank  

Depending on how remote the road you are on is, there is a good chance that there isn’t a petrol station for miles and you could struggle to find one in quick time if you urgently need to. If you know that you will be travelling on a lot of country roads, fill up your tank at the start of your journey!


If you are a new driver with little experience on country roads, there is one thing that will benefit you more than anything… practice! Take regular trips through the countryside and you will soon get used to the common signage and possible hazards to look out for.


If your car does fall victim to one of the many issues that country roads can pose, it is important that you have a reliable garage who can help you out at short notice. At Off Rhodes Garage we offer a first-class repair service, meaning we can fix any problems with your vehicle so that you never have to worry for too long. We can repair a range of vehicle types and offer highly competitive prices.


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