Driving Safety

Posted by on Oct 18, 2021 in News

Driving Safety

Whether it is winter or summer, you must always be cautious when driving and be alert of what is going on around you. We know that if you have a car full of people that you can get easily distracted by what they are talking about and singing along to music. Take a look at these driving safety tips that we would advise you to take note of and be mindful of.

Focusing on driving

Always make sure 100% of your attention is on the road and your driving at all times. Make sure that your phone is turned off or out of sight so that it doesn’t cause you to look at it or want to pick it up. Stick to the speed limits, this is a given but very true! If you are driving faster than the speed limit it gives you less time to react and slow down. Plus, it can increase the impact of an accident if one were to occur.

Be cautious of other drivers

You never know what other drivers are doing or what they may be thinking. We’ve all been in a position whether you are a driver or passenger and have questioned an action carried out by someone else. Always expect the unexpected.

When you are driving anywhere, keep a 2 second space between you and the car in front as this will give you time to react if you need to. And if you are driving in bad weather conditions such as rain, thick fog or snow make sure the gap is 4 seconds as it can take you longer to break at times.

General tips

When you are travelling with others, and you are the driver it is your responsibility to make sure that everyone has their seatbelts on and are secure. Don’t allow children to fight or climb around the car while you are driving as this will cause a distraction to you and take your focus away from the road.

If you are tired, avoid driving where possible. Some kinds of medications can cause you to feel drowsy and make driving dangerous. Not only could you hurt yourself but also you could cause danger to other road users.

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