The Top 4 Most Common Car Faults

Posted by on Sep 9, 2019 in News

The Top 4 Most Common Car Faults

No matter how old your car is, you will most likely encounter a fault at some time or another. But here are some of the most common faults that occur with vehicles.

Flat Battery
A flat battery can be a real inconvenience, It. can be caused by the weather, an electrical fault or many other things. A main sign you have a flat battery is your car failing to start when you turn the key. Plus, you also may encounter a red warning light.

Brake Failure
Overtime brake pads can become warn, which is why it’s important to keep them maintained regularly. However, if you encounter car faults, you can expect to experience a change in breaking power and noises from the brake pads. It’s important to have these checked before you encounter a real break failure which stops you from being able to slow altogether.

Tire Wear
As expected, your tires go through many road conditions which can in the long term, wear them down. Many flat tires and punctures can be increased when your tires are worn. You can start to tell if your tires are becoming warn as you may feel a slight vibration or a pull in the steering wheel too.

Suspension Problems
Your suspension is a key part in your car which is why rough roads can cause it to go wrong. If you feel bumps in the road more frequently or you hear noises when driving on rough roads, this could be a problem that needs sorting straight away!

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