How to Prepare for a Summer
Road Trip

Posted by on Aug 4, 2017 in News

How to Prepare for a Summer Road Trip

The Summer holidays are finally here! It’s the perfect time to go on a Road Trip with all the family, but is your car ready for the journey?

In this blog, we discuss just some of the vital checks you must carry out on your car before you set off on your family adventures!

Get Your Oil Changed

A long journey can put added pressure on your car meaning it may not perform as well overall. By changing and adding fresh oil you are keeping your engine in the best condition it can be. It helps with lubrication, keeping components working correctly. Plus, it improves your mileage which is always a bonus on a long journey.

Check Your Tyre Wear

Tyre treads are designed to give good grip on wet and slippy roads. Over time your tread will decrease meaning there is more chance of accident on certain road conditions. Making sure your tyres have the correct tread is crucial before you set off on a long trip. Here at Off Rhodes Garage if you are unsure if your tyres have the correct tread we can complete a test and supply you with new tyres if necessary.

Check your Air Filter

Over time your car’s Air Filter can become dirty and clogged meaning it reduces the air going into the engine. This can decrease performance and efficiency, we can provide Air Filter replacements meaning your car is back up to full efficiency.

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