How To Keep Your Car In Good Condition During Lockdown

Posted by on Jun 2, 2020 in News

How To Keep Your Car In Good Condition During Lockdown

During the recent Coronavirus Lockdown, many people have found that they are using their car a lot less than they usually would. At a time like this it is understandable that you may have your mind on other things, but it is good to think about your vehicle every now and then. In this blog we are going to talk about how you can keep your car in good condition during lockdown.



If you are about to go out for a journey to the shops and you haven’t drove your car for a while, you may be completely unaware that there is an issue with your tyres. It is a smart idea to check tyre pressure before any journey. You can carry out this check yourself at home with a tyre pressure gauge or at your nearest petrol station. You should also look out for any visible damage. This goes for the rest of the vehicle too.

Car Battery

Without being used regularly, your car’s battery can lose charge meaning it may not have enough power to start the engine. You are at more risk of this happening if your essential journeys during the lockdown period have been especially short. One solution that could reduce the chances of your battery dying is the use of a ‘trickle’ charger or battery conditioner. You should however keep in mind that these devices would usually not be practical if your car is parked away from your house or on a street.


If your car does suffer damage or a fault that could be dangerous, this is an essential need. For this reason, you are ok to seek the appropriate repairs. Here at Off Rhodes Garage we can cover your repair needs, with a quick and effective service. We will make any repairs whilst following social distancing advice and guidelines.


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