Our Top Tips for New Drivers

Posted by on Apr 13, 2018 in News

Our Top Tips for New Drivers

The first few weeks and months after passing your driving test, can be incredibly daunting! It may take a while to settle into sharing the roads with other drivers and possible hazards. That’s why we’re taking you through our top 5 tips for new drivers, to make your day to day life as a driver, much easier.


  1. Further training

You’ve passed your test, congratulations… but this doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about driving! The first step to becoming the best driver you can possibly be, is get some extra training. The perfect option for you would be the Pass Pluss Scheme. This is an optional government scheme, which allows people who have recently started driving, to gain further knowledge and experience. This scheme, will give you that extra bit of confidence on the roads!

  1. Don’t be distracted

For many young drivers, one of the most exciting things about having your own car, is being able to go on road trips with your friends. We appreciate that you are going to want to do this sort of thing, but it is essential that you make sure your friends aren’t becoming a distraction. When you give friends a lift, it is advisable that you remind them of the importance of letting you focus, so that you can pay full attention to the road and keep safety at a maximum

  1. Display Pass plates

When you can finally remove the L plates from your car, it’s a real sense of jubilance. You are now seen as an equal to the rest of the drivers on the road. We would suggest that you don’t get too ahead of yourself though. By displaying P plates, you can make other drivers aware of the fact that you are new to the roads, ensuring they can be extra considerate and understanding of your inexperience.

  1. Enhance your road sign knowledge

You may not realise it when you first start driving, but road signs are incredibly important, and they save lives when paid attention to. You’ll have been taught the meanings of road signs, in order to pass your driving test but it’s just as easy to forget them, if you are complacent. Keep brushing up on your road sign knowledge, so that you can follow them correctly when it’s required.


  1. Have a reliable car garage


Our last bit of advice, is to always have the assurance of a car garage that you know you can rely on. The first time you have an urgent problem with your vehicle, you may panic but there is no need to. It is completely normal for your car to need repair work from time to time, and with the help of a trusty garage, you’ll never be without your car for long. Plus, it is a legal requirement for your car to undergo an MOT. At Off Rhodes Garage, we can provide you with a first class service, carrying out both repairs and MOT’s. We strive to ensure we can carry out all work to a standard that you are happy with and at a cost that is affordable to all!


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