Things to Remember When Driving at Night

Posted by on Jul 24, 2019 in News

Things to Remember When Driving at Night

With the recent news that there are plans in consideration for new drivers to be banned from driving at night, this form of driving is in the spotlight. Whether you have just recently passed your test or are a driver with many years’ experience, certain trips in the dark can be challenging. In this blog we are going to be letting you know about some of the key things which you need to remember when driving at night.

Using your headlights

It is actually illegal to drive at night without fully functioning front and rear lights, so checks before driving are essential. Using your headlights can seem a simple task but when driving at night you should put a considerable amount of thought into doing so. Dipped beam should be used in urban areas and also when you see an oncoming car. Full beam should be used mainly on unlit, country roads. To ensure light from other cars doesn’t dazzle you, tilt your rear-view mirror slightly to reduce the effect.

Take a break

Over the years, many car accidents have occurred as a result of driver tiredness. When making long journeys at night you can easily end up becoming tired but this should not be something which you ignore. Falling asleep while driving causes around 20% of serious accidents in the UK so it is vital that you rest before travelling or even stop for a nap midway through long journeys.


With decreased visibility and more hazards than usual, remembering to remain alert at all times is imperative. You should also make sure your car windows are clean, inside and out, as unclean glass can increase glare from other vehicles and is more likely to steam up.

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